A recent discovery at the Museum....

A fun discovery…recently two Hill House prints intended to be framed were dropped off at Hartung Gallery and Frame Shop (Portsmouth Blvd).  After further investigation, it was discovered behind the existing prints were older hidden prints framed from an earlier time period.   These new discoveries are now framed and hang on the museum walls.  Do you feel you have a “good-eye” for finding things?  Stop by the Hill House Museum on Wednesdays and Saturdays (noon-3:00), and find which walls these two prints hang on, good luck!    


Hello, and welcome to the Hill House Museum...

Did you know Queensland in Australia is the second-largest and third-most populous state in the Commonwealth of Australia?  On Wednesday,  June 12th  the Hill House Museum provided a tour to visitors from Queensland, Australia again, opening its’ doors to other parts of the world.  On Wednesdays or Saturdays we never know who will walk across the Museum’s threshold.    


Colorful Tour

Looking for foliage riddled with images of yellow and orange?  Well, the Hill House Gardens are in full bloom, and with the recent rainfall it looks amazing.   So, at the end of each tour, visitors are encouraged to stroll through the gardens and appreciate nature’s palettes of color.  

Open for tours every Wednesday and Saturday noon-3:00.  Just stop by and ring the doorbell.  


Artifacts and Cistern....a great summer day trip!!!

Archaeologist, Donnie Sadler, spoke at the Hill House Museum and showed his private collection to guests on Saturday.   Donnie grew up on a James River Plantation in Surry that was patented in 1619 and it launched his early love of history and archaeology.  Also, he talked about the artifacts from the 2012 Hill House exploratory dig of the site’s privies and cistern.

A cistern water system stores the water needed for a household in a large container that is typically filled by rainwater.  The Hill House Museum is fortunate to still have its original cisterns in place (both in the attic and outside).  The cistern in the garden is now part of the tour for guests to see and learn about early 19th century plumbing.   So, when planning a summer day trip stop by the Hill House Museum and tour a wonderful piece of history.