All Aboard!!!!

On July 3, 1909 two of the Hill Sisters, Evelyn and Elizabeth "Lizzie", left the Carolinas for the Seaboard Air Line Tour. The sisters would travel through the Rocky Mountains and Colorado arriving on the Pacific Coast in Los Angeles, California. Also, they would visit the Alaska-Yukon Exposition in Seattle through Yellowstone National Park. In the two attached pictures you can view the actual invitation for this trip and the group the sisters traveled with boarding the train. In the next few weeks parts of their trip will be documented so you too can travel with them via Facebook….All Aboard!!!

A dog's life at Sea Breeze Farm, Virginia Beach

The Hill Sisters enjoyed the company of many animals at their Sea Breeze Farm in Virginia Beach.  However, one dog stands out as being very special.   On June 30, 1943 a local newspaper reported the Hill sisters contributing to an animal shelter fund in honor of one of their dogs known as Peggy.  Peggy was rescued by the Hill family when they found her in a bedraggled state on the beach when her owners tried to dispose of her overboard a boat.  Fate had saved Peggy that day, and because of this rescue she lived to a ripe age of 18.  Many animals inhabited Sea Breeze Farm, and from the love and care given by the Hill Family their lives were rich and filled with love.    

Completion of the Dining Room Restoration

The dining room restoration was finished in May. As you can see from the before and after pictures not only did it get a “face-lift” but an entire transformation. From removing the mantel, new plaster and paint, total floor restoration and the list goes on and on. The amazing makeover can only be appreciated in person so, please stop by and see the finished product.





Restoration of the Rosewood Knife Boxes

As you may or may not know, the dining room at the Hill House Museum has been undergoing restoration which started in January 2017 and has been very expensive. On examination the Rosewood knife boxes will have to be professionally restored. Susan Hansen (Board Member) originally obtained an estimate five years ago from Monticello Antiques but the price of restoration has gone up ($575 a box). We are asking if you would consider contributing money towards the restoration to assist in defraying the cost to the Museum. Please contact me at if you wish to contribute or have questions. Thank you in advance for considering this appeal.

Dolley Madison's Cup and Saucer

Did you know the Hill House Museum has a cup and saucer used by Dolley Madison? When the Hill family's grandfather, Dr. William Collins, was the First Auditor of the US Treasury he lived in Washington D.C. for a few years. While living there, Dolley Madison visited the family, and had a serving of coffee with them. The cup and saucer are displayed in the Hill House dining room china closet. So, if in the neighborhood, stop by and check out this unique piece of history.